Mike Kellner

Would you like to get the most out of life? Would you like to build meaningful relationships with those around you, or set ambitious goals? I can help.




Reduce Stress
Stress can be debilitating, and can prevent us from doing our best work. I can help you find ways to build in quality time throughout your day to practice deep relaxation.


Set Goals
Setting strong goals provides focus in everything we strive to achieve. I can teach you powerful visualisation techniques to strengthen your focus, just like top athletes do.

Build Relationships
Having harmonious and productive relationship with friends, family and colleagues can help you achieve amazing things. Working together, we can identify what might be stopping sustainable relationships from flourishing in your life.


Manage Time and Energy
The more energy you have, the more you can get done. I can assist in finding ways to increase your reserves throughout your day.




Quality Family Time
“Family time is really important to me, yet I was struggling to maintain this whilst juggling a full-on senior management career. Sophie has helped me see how I can make various adjustments to free up more time for my family.”


Better Goals
“I always knew setting goals were important, yet Sophie’s approach on how to accomplish these has been really inspiring. She has helped me be more ambitious and push harder to achieve my career goals.”

More Energy
“Through techniques Sophie has taught me, I have been able to deeply relax myself, to enhance my energy levels for those times I need to perform.”


Clearer Focus
“In a short space of time, Sophie managed to identify the reasons for achieving what I wanted to do. She helped me focus on WHY I was on the journey, so when times got tough I could keep my vision alive.”

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